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10 NFT Utility Ideas to Consider in 2024 — QIT

Jun 19, 2023 8 min read
"10 NFT Utility Ideas to Consider in 2024 — QIT"

It’s critical now more than ever for developers and companies to concentrate on giving their tokens real-world value and utility as the NFT market expands. Given the growing demand for NFTs, starting an exchange company specializing in them can be a successful crypto business idea. Utility NFTs give a special approach to interacting with your community and benefit your clients. In this article, we’ll dig into the area of utility and NFTs and examine the different ways that incorporating utility may strengthen your brand and create a devoted following for your initiative.

We’ll talk about things like what the finest NFT utilities are, how successful projects have included utility into their NFT ecosystem/brand, and so on.

This guide will provide the information and resources you need to get started, whether you’re an artist, companies or startups owners, a brand, or just getting started with NFTs.

A Utility NFT: What Is It?

NFT is a type of digital asset whose properties and signature attributes are outlined in smart contracts. This makes trusted third parties unnecessary and permits trustless transactions. Tokens can be used for cryptocurrency exchanges, investments, value storage, and payment of all transactions. Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin are a few of the most well-liked token types. Utility NFTs are a particular class of digital assets that may be applied to a particular function or usage inside a certain ecosystem. To access smart contracts, the majority of utility NFTs rely on the Ethereum blockchain network. Utility NFTs have a useful purpose inside a particular platform or application, in contrast to conventional NFTs, which are typically utilized for digitally formed collections or art.

what is utility nft


An example of a utility NFT is a token that provides entry to an online game or realm. These tokens can be used to buy in-game products, unlock unique content, or activate special features. Another illustration is using a token that represents a stake in a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to vote on ideas and make decisions inside the organization.

Utility NFTs can challenge established business practices in several sectors. For instance, they might open up new avenues for sharing and selling in-game content in the gaming sector. They can be used in the music business to signify ownership of a particular song or album, giving artists more direct financial compensation and music rights holders greater control.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the legal environment for NFTs right now is still unpredictable, and utility NFTs’ use cases and long-term sustainability haven’t been completely realized. Including any new technology, there are also worries about possible drawbacks including a bigger carbon footprint and even market manipulation.

Overall, utility NFTs are an exciting new development in the realm of digital assets and have the potential to completely alter how we perceive value and ownership in the digital economy. Before fully adopting this new technology, it will be crucial to carefully monitor the creation and uptake of utility NFTs and weigh the possible advantages and hazards.

How do Utility NFTs operate?

Utility NFTs, as previously said, are a cutting-edge class of digital assets that may be employed for a particular function inside a certain ecosystem. These kinds of NFTs provide a new opportunity for community members and asset owners to exchange value and experiences, but how precisely do they operate? To provide the highest level of security and transaction immutability, they additionally deploy cryptographic encryption. They are built on secure and decentralized blockchain technology. Blockchain is a decentralized, immutable ledger that makes it easier to track assets and record every transaction in a corporate network.

A utility NFT is given a special digital signature, or “hash,” when it is initially made. This signature cannot be copied or recreated. The existence and ownership of the token are then permanently and irrevocably documented by this hash, which is subsequently stored on the blockchain. This procedure, called “minting,” is crucial for maintaining the legitimacy and individuality of the token.

Once established, an NFT can be used for any purpose the project or its creator desires; however, because there are so many potential uses for this technology, consideration must usually be given to token gating, physical and digital items, and the desired user experience.

Additionally, once a utility NFT is bought for the first time, it may be freely exchanged and sold on markets, allowing owners to transfer utility to others and allowing it to appreciate over time as demand rises.

In conclusion, utility NFTs function similarly to other types of NFTs with the exception that they are associated with a particular advantage. They are created similarly to standard ERC coins, and often, off-chain services and goods confer usefulness on token ownership.

Are you looking for ideas on how to include utility in your NFT project? Continue reading.

10 NFT Utility Examples

utility nft examples

Utility NFTs may be used for several purposes, including digital treasures, virtual property, game products, and more, as was already mentioned. These ideas include digital real estate, virtual art galleries, and virtual fashion collections which can be owned and traded using NFTs.

We will examine many use cases for NFT utilities in this part, such as memberships and event tickets, tangible goods, loyalty rewards, governance, voting rights, airdrops, and more.

Your grasp of how this technology may be used for your project or brand will be improved. Let’s get started now!

1. Discounts and Promo Codes

NFTs can serve as a visual representation of coupons or discounts. A discount code that may be used to save money on a purchase or service, for instance, could be represented by an NFT.

2. Metaverse Events

NFTs can also be used to symbolize access to activities taking place in virtual or metaverse environments. An NFT may, for instance, be used to represent a ticket for a metaverse concert or event.

3. Exclusive Experiences

Access to special activities like meet-and-greets or private tours can also be represented by NFTs. An NFT may be used, for instance, to signify permission to go to a private performance or meet a famous person.

4. Exclusive Content

NFTs may also be used to denote special material, such as VIP access, first access, or access to an artist or creator behind the scenes. A VIP membership for a music artist’s fan club, for instance, may be represented by an NFT and provide access to premium materials and experiences.

5. Drop Access and the Allowlist

NFTs, such as allowlist or remove access, can also be used to indicate access to events or material that is restricted. An NFT may be used, for instance, to signify the capacity to gain access to restricted material, such as a concert or event, or the privilege to take part in a drop of limited-edition goods.

6. Airdrops

NFTs can also be used to signify access to upcoming “airdropped” tokens, which are rewards or incentives that are given to holders of other tokens. As a reward for holding, an NFT holder who owns an asset for at least a year could get an airdrop of a particular item or virtual currency. Some astute creators “airdrop” tokens into the wallet of their followers to maintain collections vibrant and the followers interested in the brand.

7. Voting and Governance Rights

NFTs can be used to symbolize voting rights and government authority. For instance, a decentralized organization or community may employ an NFT as a token that allows the holder to vote on crucial decisions or proposals.

8. Loyalty Rewards

NFTs can also be used to symbolize points or rewards for loyalty programs. An NFT may be used, for instance, as a token that consumers can acquire by engaging with brands or making purchases. These tokens might then be exchanged for savings or special deals.

9. Physical Products

NFTs can also be used to symbolize the possession of tangible goods. An NFT could be used, for instance, as a certificate of authenticity for a work of fine art. This would enable the artwork to be traced and stored using blockchain while also enabling the owner to demonstrate ownership and authenticity.

10. Memberships and event tickets

NFTs can also be used to represent event tickets or memberships. For instance, as a membership card for a private club, an NFT might be used to access activities and benefits only available to members. An NFT might also be used as a ticket for a sporting event or concert, allowing the user to enter the venue and verify attendance.

Most Effective NFT Utilities

effective nft utilities

It might be challenging to choose the best NFT utility that you can offer to your consumers or community members. The finest NFT tools will often rely on the unique requirements and objectives of the user.

A gamer may discover that possessing distinctive, in-game things represented by NFTs improves their gaming experience, while an artist may discover that making and selling digital artifacts as NFTs is an effective method to monetize their work.

A corporation may discover that utilizing NFTs to represent loyalty awards or access to exclusive content is an efficient way to connect with consumers. Similarly, a developer of a virtual world may discover that using NFTs to represent virtual real estate is a valuable method to monetize their virtual world. 

The greatest NFT utilities will ultimately rely on the particular requirements and objectives of your community’s members (as well as your brands), thus the utilities you value most are something you can only decide for yourself.

Most Common NFT Utility Projects

nft utility projects

New utility projects are continually emerging, and the world of NFTs is always changing. This section will examine five well-known NFT utility projects that are now having a significant influence on the sector.

These initiatives provide distinctive and cutting-edge approaches to enhance NFTs, from gaming to sports and entertainment.


Doodles is an NFT project that offers its community value by enabling token holders to cast votes for upcoming releases and activities. Burnt Toast created 10,000 hand-drawn trinkets for the project, which include vibrant characters with a range of unique features.

When a member of the community buys a Doodle, they are eligible to vote and influence the project’s course. The initiative also established the Doodlebank, a community-run treasury where money is kept for future growth and development. The Space Doodles series, which includes spacecraft and got a lot of support from fans, is one illustration of the community’s impact. Doodles provides additional value for their NFTs and new touchpoints for communication with their community members and asset owners by offering these chances for community involvement and decision-making.

Vee Friends

The prominent entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT initiative, VeeFriends, has added value to its NFTs by enabling token holders to attend the VeeCon convention.

An international conference with NFT tickets is being held at the time; it is geared toward NFT fans. In addition to receiving additional benefits like Gary’s mentorship sessions, NFT holders get the chance to network with other enthusiasts, exchange ideas, and learn from one another at the conference.

VeeFriends gives their community a special and worthwhile experience and increases the value of their NFTs by including the usage of NFTs as event tickets.


LinksDAO is leading the charge in NFT utility as they work to create a web3-based worldwide community of golf lovers. The platform intends to reinvent the golf and country club experience to provide a new way to enjoy the game. 

Members of the community may participate in unique events, such as tournaments, and enjoy exclusive benefits, such as access to participating golf clubs (and eventually their course!), by carrying an NFT token.

Members may vote on the platform’s progress and even put up fresh suggestions for the community to take into consideration. As a result, the golfing community becomes more active and empowered, and LinksDAO’s NFTs are more useful.

To Conclude

To sum up, utility NFTs provide a distinctive and effective approach to enhancing the value of your NFTs and interacting with your community.

They may be utilized to strengthen your brand, cultivate a devoted community, and give your clients tangible benefits. We hope that this guide has helped you gain a better grasp of the Utility NFT industry and the numerous opportunities it presents.

We urge you to investigate the various ways in which you may enhance the usefulness of your NFTs and build a prosperous ecosystem, regardless of whether you are a creator, DAO, brand, or just getting started with NFTs. Keep in mind that the NFT market is continuously changing, so make sure to keep updated and in the know.