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7 Steps to Hiring ReactJS Developers for Your Project In 2024

Sep 5, 2022 9 min read
"7 Steps to Hiring ReactJS Developers for Your Project In 2024"

Want to hire ReactJS developers but not sure where to start? At first, it looks like a complicated process. However, it can be simplified if you comprehensively understand the profession and the steps required to hire one.

If you want to upgrade your web application with ReactJS, reading the below will be beneficial. Here we’ll discuss everything you need to know to hire ReactJS developers successfully.

What is ReactJS development?

Before hiring anyone, you must have a fundamental understanding of the industry. ReactJS, also referred to as React, is a free, open-source JavaScript Library created by Facebook.

React uses a combination of JavaScript and XML, creating sections of code (components) for complex websites like Facebook or Instagram. For instance, one component will be the news feed, another, the profile bio, etc.

People love ReactJS development for many reasons:

  • UI-focused designs
  • Proficient data binding
  • Testing and Functionality
  • Proficient data binding
  • Template designing made easy

With these benefits, people have started migrating from standard front-end development to ReactJS. Even some Top Fortune 500 companies like WhatsApp, Yahoo, and Airbnb use ReactJS.

Who uses ReactJS and why?

Before you hire ReactJS developers, knowing who uses it and why is incredibly important. Although it can benefit all web applications because of its handiness, SEO-friendliness, usability, speed, and practicality, it might not be suitable for you.

Below are three leading businesses in different industries that are using dedicated ReactJS developers:

  • Uber – Since its inception, Uber has used React Native features. The team at this organization used it to produce many open-source libraries, helping them create their design system that reuses UI components called Base Web.
  • Netflix – Netflix has been on top of the streaming game for years. In 2015, the team revamped its original look with the React UI. This is because of ReactJS’s start-up development speed, modularity, and runtime performance.
  • New York Times – This leading news corporation used a combination of PHP loading, HTML, and JavaScript. However, they’ve now transferred to GraphQL, ReactJS, and Node, offering a much superior front-end for the worldwide news company.

The above companies either hired React developers in-house or remotely. Either way, they achieved their desired outcome, which was a more effective solution for their web application.

Can you migrate an existing web app into a ReactJS application?

If you haven’t hired ReactJS developers yet, it’s unlikely your web application is using it. Because of this, many are concerned about whether they can migrate from old web technologies to newer, more advanced ones.

You’ll be happy to hear that migrating to ReactJS is relatively easy (for a professional). Because of its component nature, it doesn’t need to get introduced entirely to work. Instead, it can be a gradual process, and developers can create reusable data from the PHP templates.

What hiring options are available for ReactJS developers?

Like most professions, whether copywriting, video editing, or ReactJS developers, multiple hiring options are available. Typically, the three most prominent are a local market (in-house full or part-time employee), freelancing platforms (usually remote workers), or outstaffing (including agencies, etc.).

Whichever you choose will highly depend on how you want to hire ReactJS developers. To decipher which option you’ll select, become familiar with each below:

Local market

When you hire ReactJS developers from a local market, it’s typically professionals near your business’s office. That’s because they’re local experts within ReactJS, so the hire will likely be located in-house.

When front-end developers specialize in ReactJS in a local area, prices can differ. In the USA, the median hourly salary is $60.63. However, this can range from $51.28 to $76.92 per hour, depending on the location.

Freelancing platforms

Alternatively to a local market, you can hire remote ReactJS developers who are freelancers. In every industry, freelancers are an incredible team extension while remaining cost-effective.

When pricing freelance ReactJS developers, it’s complicated. That’s because all freelancers charge a different price. However, Upwork recently released this statement regarding hourly rates charged by freelance ReactJS developers on their platform:

As you can see, when you want to hire a remote ReactJS developer, the price can vary massively. Although some hourly prices look more expensive than local workers, they can still work out cheaper for smaller to medium-sized projects.


The last option to hire React developers is from outstaffing. Hiring top-quality in-house staff or freelancers can get difficult if you’re not familiar with the technology. With outstaffing, a third-party firm vet the hires to ensure they offer quality work, so you don’t have to.

IT outstaffing is becoming incredibly popular worldwide. With such an excellent response to the hiring process, we highly recommend it. For an accurate quote on this service, contact a helpful representative at QIT Software today.

Benefits of hiring ReactJS developers with outstaffing

One of the most highly beneficial ways to hire ReactJS developers is through outstaffing. This style of hiring model can help tech and non-tech companies in an outstanding number of ways, such as:

  • Flexible teams – Outstaffing doesn’t need to be full-time, allowing you to build a flexible team that works with your current employees and budget.
  • Reduced expenses – Outstaffing follows a remote model, meaning it doesn’t cost extra space or IT equipment on your premises. Additionally, you can outsource from low-labor- cost countries like Poland, Ukraine, and Brazil, lowering the expense further.
  • Faster time to market – If you need to migrate to ReactJS or build something with the technology, utilizing outstaffing can help you speed up the process and get the product out into the market.
  • Access to digital expertise – When you hire ReactJS developers with outstaffing, you’re hiring somebody that has used the technology in many markets and industries worldwide. Therefore, you gain access to masses of digital expertise.
  • Freedom from local employment laws – Sometimes, dismissal laws, retirement benefits, and paid leave are complicated. With outstaffing, it eliminates most of these, allowing you to focus on what matters – the project.

Price comparison of hiring options 

Local MarketFreelance PlatformsOutstaffing
Hourly$51.28 – $76.92$15 – $150$30 – $75
Daily (8 hours)$410.24 – $615.36$120 – $1,200$240 – $600
Weekly (40 hours)$2,051.2 – $3,076.8$600 – $6,000$1,200 – $3,000
Monthly (160 hours)$8,204.8 +$2,400 +$4,800 +

Sources: Upwork, Talent

How to check the competencies of ReactJS developers

Whether you’re looking for a ReactJS development company, freelancer, or employee, hiring the right candidate is a must. There are many ways to approach this, but we recommend following this six-step guide below:

1. Candidate application – Those wanting the role must apply for the project with an application. Here, find the top 5-10, and move them to the next step.

2. Online tests – Either develop or purchase a soft-skill test. This will showcase their ability to work in a workplace.

3. HR feedback – Once taken, take a look yourself or request HR to oversee this a pick the top 3 or 5 candidates.

4. Technical test – Next, these candidates should take a technical test that showcases their ability and understanding of ReactJS.

5. Evaluation – With the remaining candidates, screen them with the following information to determine the best options: application, soft skills, HR feedback, and technical tests.

6. Project execution – Find the right person and start introducing them to the project and/or team.

When you hire ReactJS developers, they’re not cheap. It’s a technical profession that requires complex knowledge. Therefore, finding the right candidate is essential. By implementing the above, it should help with the process.

3 Common mistakes when hiring a ReactJS developer

After reading the above guide, you should better understand how to hire ReactJS developers. To make this even more successful, make sure you don’t fall for the below mistakes when hiring:

  • Mistake #1 – Hiring developers with insufficient or the same front-end expertise (Angular, Vue, jQuery, etc.) to fill a ReactJS developer position. Not finding the right individual(s) can cause inadequate knowledge of the front-end frameworks, resulting in poor project efficiency and execution.
  • Mistake #2 – Hiring developers only from a local area. ReactJS is a specialized profession that not many people understand. Therefore, go beyond local reach to find the right candidate for your project.
  • Mistake #3 – Hiring developers without screening them correctly. Trust us; when you hire ReactJS developers, they’re not cheap. Take time when searching for the right person to ensure you’re getting the best for your buck.

Summing up

Now you’ve become knowledgeable about the above, you should understand how to hire remote and in-house ReactJS developers. Undoubtedly, finding the right person will take time. However, once you do, the benefits are endless.

If you want to go the outstaffing route, consider contacting us. We offer professional candidates that provide superior ReactJS development services worldwide. For more information, head over to our contact form.