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Unlocking Car Sales Trends: A Comprehensive Analysis through Web Scraping

The Utility of Web Scraping for Strategic Market Insights in the Automotive Industry.

Unlocking Car Sales Trends

The Client

A leading multinational automotive manufacturing conglomerate sought to maintain its competitive edge in the North American used car market. Despite utilizing a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform for data scraping, the company found the traditional per-bot licensing model to be financially restrictive as they expanded their automation efforts.

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About the Project

Faced with a rapidly evolving industry landscape, the client required proficient web scraping services to collect and analyze data on competitor brands, their prices, search rankings, and inventory levels from OEM websites and popular online marketplaces in each country.

Web scraping technology offers invaluable market insights, empowering strategic decision-making and sustaining competitiveness within a dynamic industry characterized by the development of autonomous vehicle technology, electrification, and adaptable manufacturing processes. By harnessing web scraping, organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, competitor strategies, and consumer behaviors, driving predictive analytics, refining pricing models, and enhancing strategic decision-making processes.

Our client sought to leverage web scraping as a core component of their data-centric decision-making processes, prompting a partnership with QIT Software for this task.

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automotive data scraping with python and django

The Problem

Web scraping, which automates the recognition and extraction of predefined data elements from websites for subsequent analysis, is a powerful tool for obtaining various data points in the automotive sector, including make, model, year, price, mileage, and fuel type.

However, the diversity of website behavior when responding to requests presents a significant challenge. This can manifest as video or photo advertisements, which may disappear independently, akin to a CAPTCHA. Analyzing the frequency and types of advertisements, as well as devising methods to circumvent these obstacles, is crucial for successful web scraping.

The client lacked the necessary internal expertise and resources for gathering and analyzing the essential data.


QIT Software developed a custom web scraping solution, designed to acquire critical data from websites such as We extracted product descriptions, product image URLs, source URLs, make, model, city, state, year, fuel type, transmission, mileage, customer reviews, customer ratings, VIN, and interior and exterior colors.

Utilizing the Django and Scrapy Python frameworks, we constructed a web scraping tool capable of downloading data from websites in CSV, PDF, and JSON formats.

The Result

QIT Software’s web scraping expertise successfully procured over 1.4 million pieces of car information from nearly 400 websites, empowering the client to make informed decisions and outperform competitors in the European used car market. Automating the process increased efficiency, minimized errors, and improved data accuracy for strategic business choices.

valuable market insights for automotive industry with automated web scraping
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform


By automating competitor analysis through web scraping, automotive businesses can identify and address their competitors’ shortcomings, thereby creating a competitive advantage. Web scraping enables organizations to gain thorough insights into market trends, competitor tactics, and consumer behaviors, driving predictive analytics, refining pricing models, and strengthening strategic decision-making processes. If your business requires a web scraper to extract valuable data insights, contact us, and we will assemble a team of specialists tailored to your objectives.

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