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Express.js vs. Node.js: Explaining The Differences in 2024

Jul 17, 2023 9 min read
"Express.js vs. Node.js: Explaining The Differences in 2024"

This post compares two popular backend technologies — Express.js and Node.js. Express has additional app development features because it is built on top of Node. While Express particularly extends Node to provide middleware, routing, and other features, Node is essentially a Javascript environment with libraries that make developing software simple. We will compare express js vs node js in-depth in this article.

What is Node JS?

We must first look at express js and node js separately to see how they compare. NodeJS is a cross-platform, open-source, free javascript runtime environment enabling users to create web apps rapidly.  Before Node, web developers had to learn a distinct programming language to develop the backend of their online applications, and that language continued to be browser-based. It served simply as a tool for managing and setting up HTML components. With the aid of Node.js, JavaScript can now be executed directly on a computer or server.

The following popular applications use Node.js as their backend technology:

NodeJS is used by many big enterprises to create their apps. These companies operate in many different industries, such as payments, social networks, business-to-business, entertainment, and more.

Node.js advantages

What is Express JS?

ExpressJS is a Node.js-based web framework that enables you to create web applications that can respond to a wide range of various HTTP requests. ExpressJS is a Javascript framework built on NodeJS. The former (ExpressJS) makes it quick and easy to create web applications, but NodeJS makes it take more time. For online and mobile apps, a variety of capabilities are available.

It was produced in Javascript and is a component of the MERN, MEAN, and MEVN frameworks. Express provides plugins, template code, middleware tools, and routing features for quicker web production. The framework offers composability because it incorporates tools and features from other sources to enable customization.

The developer community uses Express JS frequently to produce a wide range of apps. Applications that are commonly used with Express Js as a Backend technology:

  • MySpace. MySpace, a social networking website, uses ExpressJS.
  • Accenture. On the Accenture website, server-side processing is done using Express.
  • Accuweather. Express was used by Accuweather to establish APIs for app interaction. It offers weather statistics.
  • Yummly. Express JS was used to create one of the initial web pages for the recipe-sharing website Yummly.
  • Uber. Uber created Bedrock, their foundational web server, using Express, and then optimized the middleware for security and other infrastructure connections.
express.js advantages

Express JS vs Node JS: Advantages and Disadvantages

NodeJSEasy to learn. For developers utilizing Javascript as a frontend language, the javascript runtime environment is straightforward to understand.
Facility for caching. The ability to cache allows for quicker reaction times by eliminating the need to rerun the program’s code by caching specific modules in the program memory.
Active Community. Provides novice developers with easy access to ready-made solutions and scripts.
Extensive assistance. Numerous tools are available to developers who need them for routine activities like testing or identifying project dependencies as part of extensive support.
Full-Stack Privilege. Allows Node.js developers to write Javascript front- and back-end code. This reduces the learning curve and makes the distribution of apps straightforward.
Technology for non-blocking I/O. Allows you to handle numerous requests at once, increasing efficiency and scalability.
Unpredictable. Because everything is created from scratch and there are fewer limits, NodeJS allows developers to code whatever they see suitable. 
Not a good fit for Heavy-Computing applications. Multi-threaded programming is not currently supported by Node.js. Although it can handle far more complex applications than Ruby, it is not suited for long-running computations.
It is not advised for intensive computing. Although Node.js can handle complicated applications, computationally expensive (CPU-heavy) programs have trouble running on it. Furthermore, because multi-threaded programming is not supported, it is less efficient at handling complicated calculations.
Its equipment has some inferior tools. Even though the Node.js core is reliable, many of the packages in the npm repository are still of low quality or lack adequate documentation.
Productivity Loss. Your productivity can decrease because everything must be written from scratch. Node.js’ lack of viewpoint makes it difficult for novices to build apps from scratch. 
ExpressJSUnpredictable Framework. Express doesn’t impose any rigid guidelines on how to perform specific tasks, thus you may use middleware components and packages to suit your needs the best.
Effectively managing errors. Express middleware is made to make it possible to identify errors in both synchronous and asynchronous code.
Easy Assembly. Express is a basic framework that has a low learning curve and is easy to start up. This feature makes it appropriate for novices who have a basic understanding of backend development.
Responding to I/O requests. For businesses that handle tens of thousands of client requests and alerts every day, Express is an excellent choice.
Callback Hell. Because developers find the Express framework’s programming style complex, callbacks are one of the issues developers most regularly bring up. However, the Express team has looked into the matter and offered some relief.
Middleware Principles. For developers who have never utilized Express, it might be difficult to understand and utilize the middleware functionalities.
Standard Absence. Although Express does not require a certain structure, it may become an issue if the team expands and developers work on more app capabilities. Therefore, teams must follow a framework throughout the whole project.

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Difference Between Node JS and Express JS

Performance Comparison

While performance shouldn’t be a determining issue when choosing between node js vs express js for simple projects, it becomes essential to consider it when creating large, complex projects. Let’s compare the effectiveness of Node.js versus Express in light of this.

NodeJS Performance

Due to Node.js’s asynchronous and non-blocking nature, which it inherits from Javascript, little jobs and micro-tasks that don’t interfere with the main application thread may be carried out in an optimal environment. Furthermore, the V8 Javascript engine and multitasking are the two main reasons why Node.js applications run better than others.

  • The V8 Javascript engine, which has a rapid ramp-up time and functions very quickly, is used by Node.js.
  • App speed is enhanced by excellent multitasking made possible by Node.js event-driven design.

When compared to other backend alternatives, NodeJS can process several requests at once. Node.js’ speed is what is making it so popular among big giants.

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ExpressJS Performance

Because it makes Node.js apps run so rapidly, Express is very well-liked among developers. The performance of a simple Hello, World benchmark shows that an Express application can handle 11,202 requests per second.

The functionality of two PayPal apps with identical features—one made in Java and the other using Express and extra open-source codes — was evaluated. After everything was said and done, Paypal found that the Express-built software received twice as many requests per second as the Java-built app and that the average reaction time for the identical page was cut in half. In addition, viewers received the pages 200 ms quicker than previously.

Testing Comparison

For your produced application to function faultlessly under continual, high load and rising market demands, a thorough battery of tests must be performed to verify Interface standard compliance, interoperability, and usability. Here are some examples of how testing differs between express js and node js.

How much easier is testing Node.js software?

Node.js offers effective testing and debugging capabilities between express and node js because of its vast ecosystem of third-party packages. Numerous automated testing tools and frameworks, including Lab and Code, Jasmine, Mocha, Jest, and AVA, help to build a robust testing environment for Node.js applications. You might also utilize testing libraries like Jest, Chai, and Mocha to provide your clients with a seamless, error-free experience.

How much easier is it to test Express software?

Like Node.js, there are several accepted best practices for testing Express apps. Use testing frameworks like Ava, Mocha, Jest, and Postman and libraries like Chai, Sinon, and Supertest to automate API and middleware tests for an Express service.

Scalability Comparison

Node vs Express js is an important tool decision since it greatly affects how scalable an online application can be. Here are the differences in scalability between Node.js and Express.

How scalable is Node.js?

The flexibility of Node.js-based applications is unmatched. Event-driven and non-blocking I/O models, respectively, can support several concurrent queries. Additionally, the event-loop approach enables the server to manage the greatest number of requests. Because it boosts Node.js productivity and scalability, the dispersion of the various services across several work sites is perfect. As a consequence, diverse development teams may split up the work and utilize Node.js to build apps more rapidly and adaptably.

How scalable is Express.js? 

One of the numerous characteristics that Express inherits from Node.js is the non-blocking servers, which are better suited to handle user requests. Web programs that are easily scalable are consequently easier for developers to create. Similar to Nginx and Apache servers in terms of features and scalability is the Express framework. Additionally, because it is lightweight, complicated programs may be made with it.

When to Use Express JS and Node JS?

node js vs express js

Due to their differences, it matters which express js vs node js you choose for your forthcoming project.

When to Use NodeJS?

Node.JS allows you to build web apps that work on both desktop and mobile devices. Thanks to Node JS development services, you may utilize the same language syntax for both the server-side and client-side of your software. Node JS also enables seamless interaction with various third-party tools and frameworks, like React, MongoDB, Angular, and others. Because Node JS development is open-source, it is perfect for cost optimization if you want a low-cost development solution.

  • You want to create a real-time, multi-user web service.
  • You want to create web-based gaming applications.
  • You wish to develop a website software for media streaming.
  • You wish to develop web-based applications that are strengthened by efficient data processing equipment.
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When to Use ExpressJS?

ExpressJS also has a relatively straightforward methodology and enables the use of middleware to provide specific functionalities. It is therefore perfect for creating an MVP or any other lightweight application for a start-up business looking to carve out a niche. Another key advantage of ExpressJS is its impartiality. There is therefore no correct or incorrect way to do a task. Your website or application can be set up as you choose.

  • You want to develop a website that allows millions of people to share and export photographs, much like Unsplash.
  • Similar to Coursera, you wish to build a website application that provides free online courses.
  • You want to design real-time software that uses unblocked Express servers.
  • Your application has to be scaled up to accommodate more user demands.


Do NodeJS and Express Operate Together?

Yes, they operate. It is light and quick because of the strength of Node. To open up the way you write code, you can plug Express into Node like a collection of tools. It offers extra web application functionalities that may be utilized to improve Node.js functionality without destroying the Node.js development environment.

NodeJS or ExpressJS: Which Do Developers Prefer? Why?

NodeJS is an event-driven, non-blocking I/O paradigm that employs JavaScript as its core language. It helps in creating scalable network applications. Express is a powerful set of capabilities for both online and mobile apps and is a versatile web application framework for Node.js. In other words, NodeJS is the package that provides the JavaScript run-time environment, and Express is the framework that sits on top of NodeJS and helps us handle requests and answers.

How Can I Switch From NodeJS To ExpressJS?

If NodeJS is currently being used in your project, you may quickly convert to ExpressJS. ExpressJS will make you feel comfortable because they both make use of similar idioms and ideas. The first step is to identify the sections of your code that make use of critical NodeJS-specific capabilities. After that, it will be simple to implement middleware, route handlers, and error handlers.


To develop server-side applications, NodeJS is a JavaScript runtime environment.

With the help of the web framework ExpressJS, you may create online applications that can respond to several distinct HTTP requests.

Building a multi-user, real-time web service using NodeJS is possible.

Your programming time can be reduced while creating the backend for apps with the aid of ExpressJS.

Both Express and Node JS have a very versatile and accessible framework and are simple to understand and handle.