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It’s easy. You refer people and if they become QIT you get a bonus for that.

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    • Submit a Referral

      Submitting a referral is easy and quick. If you have any talented IT friends or relatives on your mind, who would be interested in working with us and can make a good fit, don’t hesitate to submit.

    • Review of the Reference

      We will review your recommendation and if it meets the criteria, get in touch with the referred person to find out more about their professional aspirations. From our side, we will tell you more about us and our projects.

    • Interview and Testing

      Our team lead will check the professional skills by giving a technical test. If the test is successfully completed, we will send a Job offer.

    • Job Offer

      At this point, we send the job offer to the successful candidate. In case of acceptance, we are gladly welcoming a new employee to our team.

    • Reward

      Helping IT talents and job opportunities match is a great way to be rewarded. After the referred candidate is employed, get a nice bonus from QIT Software! We greatly appreciate your efforts.


    Frequently asked questions

    Yes. Both people from inside and outside of our company can submit a referral.

    Once you submit the recommendation, we will review the submission and contact your referee in case he/she meets the requirements of any of our positions. After that, the candidate will be evaluated according to our policies and procedures.

    The reference is valid for 6 months from the day of the submission.

    Those candidates, who are already engaged in the recruitment process with us, and those, who have already been referred by someone else during the previous 3 months.

    You will get a financial reward once the candidate has successfully completed the 3 months trial period.

    You can contact us directly for more information on this topic. The financial reward usually depends on the position of the new hiree and his/her seniority level.