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A remarkable workplace requires remarkable people

Working at QIT Software means creating great things and building your own
life the way you want.


Benefits of working at QIT


Every 6 months, there is a salary revision on an individual basis. We provide accounting support and full taxes reimbursement, as well as compensation for sports subscriptions, courses, and conferences.


Work & Life

We love our work. But we love our lives outside of work too! We value the versatility of the world, and the things it can offer. That’s why we strive to pursue a healthy work-life balance. The energy comes first.

Work & Life


From the very beginning, you will know the type of project you will work on. We pick them carefully and always give preference to modern technology stack and meaningful concepts within trending industries.



We offer flexible working arrangements with the possibility to choose your own schedule and work fully remotely. There is no micromanagement, or unpaid overtime hours.


What defines us


Enjoy the process, and aim at the result. Trying different approaches, new tools, and the latest tech doesn’t let us sit still. We deeply care about WHAT and HOW we do.

No bureaucracy

Let’s focus on things that are more beneficial and more fun than bureaucracy. At QIT, you can always feel free to spread your ideas without getting stuck in the procedures.

Horizontal organization

If you enjoy openness and easy access to management - look no further! We are good listeners and harness the culture where one can manifest his or her best qualities.

Advancing together

Mutual help and care are highly valued here. We believe in organized co-creation and strive to grow together. Our goal is to build a name, that will speak for ourselves.

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