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An all-in-one financial toolkit for investments and opening multicurrency bank accounts

Learn how we helped build a functional and easy-to-use wealth management platform for private investors.

Private investments app

About the client

German platform for financial investments, owned by a company that acts as a financial broker. The platform allows users to buy and hold a range of investments, save, make provisions quickly in one place online and ensure the deposits. All operations are available through the private account’s cockpit.

  • Industry: Finance

  • Location: Germany

The client

Since there are many people interested in making the most of their saved finances, the rise of private investments can be seen in the European market. The client, a German financial company, turned to us with the need to re-think and re-build their existent product (its goal was to offer interested parties the opportunity to register and participate in the Internet platform for deposit and investment products) and develop a web platform that allows private investors to engage in financial planning through their partners.

The version they had did not satisfy the market needs and required a complete re-fit: extended functionality and a completely new website.

Product functionality

He platform presents offers from partner banks or financial investments on the platform and provides technical services in connection with the conclusion of the deposit or investment product between the customer and the partner bank.
Savers should have easy access to attractive European overnight and fixed-term deposit offers. The investment platform has a number of advantages over its competitors: it is very simple, provides high-interest rates with 104 European banks, deposit protection, and diversification.

Products allow benefiting from long-term low-cost offers while maintaining full control over the investments with transparent processes. In order to invest in open-ended investment funds, supports customers in concluding contracts with the custodian bank

What problem it solves

The existing version required a full re-design and significant improvements: multi-role private accounts, visualization platforms, new UX/UI design, and more data security.

The initial look of the website was oversaturated with information. There were no key points to drive customers’ attention. Moreover, it contained vertical scrolling tabs and sliders that didn’t appear correctly. Our team added two more sections about the company and put the onboarding video on the main page. Now customers can find all the information needed.

The Back-end had a range of conditional branches and loops, and a great number of integrated services that have made the development process a bit more time-consuming and effortful.

The client was very particular about the UI/UX, so our designer provided a user-friendly and intuitive design that led to a more positive and personalized user experience.

The app was intended to include both user’s and administrator’s panels and provide smooth work of every functionality.


We assembled a team consisting of a product manager and UI/UX designer, two Back-end developers, and two Front-end developers to re-build the platform and add the required features.

Opening an interest union account does not require any more effort than opening an account with a domestic direct bank. Transparency is always guaranteed via convenient online banking functions, which also enable uncomplicated account management and monitoring. Thus, we were focused on creating a simple yet efficient product from all perspectives.

Job done by QIT Software

Our engineers took care of the platform architecture, Back-end, Front-end, and UX/UI design

Implemented features


With forms that allow your users to signup and login without ever leaving the main site, we provided a much more consistent and comfortable environment.

Multi-role personal account

The platform is multi-role, so there are several types of personal accounts that can be created: the client account and the administrator account. The system maintains the investment history for analysis, and data is available in a single environment.

Identification and verification

An automated ID Verification was implemented, which not only reduces onboarding times and costs, it also limits human error and the opportunity for fraud. ID verification processes are accurate, updated, and regulatory compliant.

Asset management and research

A public-facing system that’s easy to use will attract more users, and more users will return. Asset management can be sophisticated, so we designed an environment where is easy for users to self-serve, searching for exactly the assets they need, bottlenecks are eliminated – and asset owners are freed up to focus on their main goal.

Admin panel

Admin panel allows to visualize and manage selected assets, track progress and take full control of one’s personal data.

Data security

A DLP solution is an important component that helps prevent data loss and protects sensitive data at the endpoints while checking the information operations.


The re-launch of the updated version of the online platform went successfully for our client and in a shorter time. Fintech products imply large tables, detailed guides, and large amounts of information. We created an interface not overloaded and easy-to-scale on any device.

Besides core functionality, our developers built such custom features as:

  • Integration with social networks

  • Analytical dynamic price software using ML

  • Wallet functionality

  • Ratings and reviews

Our client is planning to fundraise this year and start scaling the project.

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