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Mobile Video streaming platform

Learn how we created a mobile app for video streaming on Flutter for our client.

Video streaming platform

About the client

Our client is a creator of unique online content, renowned for creating top-rated digital projects, television shows, and cinematic pieces. With a history of organizing comedy festivals and artist collaborations, our client has amassed a staggering 20 million views on their YouTube shows. However, their ambition extended far beyond this success. They sought to pioneer a streaming platform that could rival YouTube, pushing the boundaries of content diversity and viewer engagement.

  • Industry: Entertainment and Media

  • Location: USA

Project Concept

The client’s vision was  to create a streaming app and platform that not only challenged YouTube’s dominance but also introduced groundbreaking interactivity. They aimed to captivate their existing YouTube audience while attracting new subscribers through extraordinary content. Initially, the client faced a complex scenario with 36 shows scattered across various YouTube channels, demanding consolidation into a unified service capable of delivering accurate viewership statistics.

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Business Challenges

The project presented a number of challenges:

Creating a Competitive Streaming App: The foremost challenge was to craft a mobile streaming app that outshone YouTube in terms of user experience, quality, and features. The app had to be compelling enough for users to choose it over YouTube.

Infrastructure Development: The project required a robust infrastructure, encompassing a backend capable of handling peak loads, a customized Content Delivery Network (CDN) for seamless data flow, and an admin web interface for content management and statistics tracking.

Retention and Monetization: Sustaining viewer interest and identifying avenues for monetization were key concerns. Post-launch, the challenge was to continually engage users through A/B testing and explore innovative monetization strategies.

Our Solution

Comprehensive Product Concept: The project embarked on a comprehensive journey to understand its audience, building a Customer Journey Map in collaboration with the client’s team. The result was a video streaming app that outshone YouTube, offering a seamless user experience and unique features.

Streaming App built on Flutter: To ensure a smooth UI with seamless animations, the development team employed Flutter, a cross-platform mobile  technology. This not only enhanced UI and animations but also resulted in significant cost savings.

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Latest Tech Stack for Backend

Backend Optimized for Expected Load

Rigorous load testing was conducted to prepare the backend for high volumes of traffic. The integration of Prometheus and Grafana facilitated the quick identification and resolution of performance bottlenecks.

Design and Animation

The project began with an exploration of design and animation, which were instrumental in enhancing user experience. The client's branding was seamlessly integrated into the app's interface, providing a distinct identity.

Feedback and Support

User feedback mechanisms were expanded to include a feedback form, internal messaging, and a Telegram bot to streamline customer support.

Innovative Milestones and Achievements

As a testament to the project's groundbreaking nature, several innovative features and milestones deserve mention.

Interactive Features

The project introduced user reactions, enabling viewers to express their sentiments through a set of four popular emojis. This dynamic interaction served as a valuable feedback mechanism.

Copyright Watermark

 To protect content and prevent unauthorized use, an ingenious watermark algorithm was developed. The watermark dynamically moved across the screen, making it challenging to remove or crop.

The project’s backend was built using modern technology stacks, including Spring Boot, additional services such as K8s, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, and the ELK stack, which ensured scalability and efficiency.

Admin panel

A web application was developed using React to facilitate content management. This admin panel allowed the client to publish videos, manage user notifications, and access real-time viewer statistics.

Comprehensive Data for User Analytics

The app underwent a comprehensive redesign, elevating its visual appeal and user-friendliness. A unique copyright watermark was implemented to prevent unauthorized clipping.

Switching Between Smartphone and TV

A highly lauded feature was the seamless transition between smartphone and TV viewing, offering users flexibility and convenience. The app allowed viewers to pause an episode and resume watching on a larger screen with minimal effort.

Intro at First Launch

Users were greeted with an engaging intro video at the app’s initial launch, providing a glimpse of highlights from multiple shows. This unique intro feature garnered a following of its own, with some users watching it repeatedly.

Redesign for Visual Appeal

A strategic redesign of the app’s interface included font alterations, rounded icons inspired by social media trends, and enhanced playback speed options. These improvements enhanced user engagement and overall satisfaction.

Comprehensive User Support

User support was expanded to include multiple channels, from feedback forms to a Telegram bot. This diverse support ecosystem ensured that user concerns were promptly addressed.

The Result

The project reached a significant milestone with the successful launch of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of the mobile streaming app. Collaborating closely with the client, the development team embarked on a journey of continuous improvement, focusing on enhancing user retention, conducting A/B testing, and discovering innovative monetization methods.

Beta users lauded the app for its impeccable user experience, exceptional video player quality, and responsiveness. Notable features included dynamic resolution adjustment, video pre-caching, and seamless streaming to television screens. A particularly noteworthy achievement was the 30% reduction in video streaming app development time, thankfully to the  Flutter technology.

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This case study serves as a testament to the remarkable journey undertaken by the client and the QIT development team. Together, they transformed a visionary idea into a groundbreaking mobile streaming app that challenges industry giants and offers a unique, interactive, and visually stunning viewing experience. The ongoing collaboration ensures that this success story is far from reaching its final chapter. As the streaming landscape evolves, this project continues to shape the future of video entertainment.

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