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RealConnect: Revolutionizing Real Estate CRM

Transforming Real Estate Agencies with Innovative CRM Solutions.

Real Estate CRM

About the client

RealConnect is an ambitious and forward-thinking real estate technology company based in the US. Founded by two former, real estate professionals with 10+ years of experience in the industry, the company was born out of a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of real estate and the critical need for modernized customer relationship management tools. They  approached us with a clear vision: to revolutionize the real estate industry by developing a cutting-edge Social CRM platform. With a strong commitment to innovation and a desire to stay ahead of industry trends, RealConnect sought to leverage technology to strengthen customer relationships, streamline agent-client interactions, and ultimately bring about positive change in the real estate sector. Their vision became our shared mission, leading to the development of this pioneering CRM solution.

  • Industry: Real Estate

  • Location: USA

Project Concept

RealConnect, a pioneering real estate technology company, embarked on a mission to reshape the real estate industry by developing a Social CRM platform that would facilitate stronger customer relationships and streamline agent-client interactions.

real estate software development

Business Challenges

RealConnect, with over a decade in real estate, embraced social channels to evolve from a CRM provider to a tech platform connecting people and processes. Their challenges included:

  • Upgrading architecture for better performance and scalability by adopting a microservices-based approach, enabling modular development and scaling.
  • Streamlining the development process through agile methodologies and standardized coding for efficiency and maintainability.
  • Accelerating new feature implementation with Continuous Integration servers for quicker updates and feature rollouts.
  • Enhancing application quality and reducing testing time by investing in automated testing and quality assurance.
  • Securing cloud-based financial data on AWS with stringent security measures like encryption and regular audits.
  • Providing agents with real-time property information access by integrating data sources and efficient search algorithms.
  • Improving customer engagement with advanced features like easy appointment scheduling and live chat for real-time interactions and increased satisfaction.

Our Solution

In collaboration with the QIT Software development team, RealConnect  addressed these challenges by implementing innovative solutions:

Architecture Scaling: RealConnect adopted a microservices-based architecture, allowing for independent development, testing, and scaling of components. This approach ensured application performance while accommodating future growth.

Development Standardization: By enforcing coding standards and best practices, RealConnect improved code quality, making it easier to maintain and secure the application.

Process Automation: Continuous Integration (CI) servers and Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC) were implemented to automate development and deployment processes. This automation reduced development cycle times and improved team collaboration.

The Results

The adoption of these solutions yielded significant benefits:

Time and Cost Savings: RealConnect experienced reduced development time, efforts, and costs due to streamlined processes and automation. This allowed them to allocate resources to the addition of new functionalities and ensured scalable application growth.

High-Quality Code:
The delivery of clean, high-quality code improved application stability and maintainability. This resulted in fewer bugs and easier maintenance.
Improved Customer Relationships:
Real estate agents were empowered with efficient tools to connect with clients, resulting in enhanced customer relationships, increased sales, and successful deal closures. The platform’s enhanced customer engagement strategies, such as appointment scheduling and live chat, significantly improved client satisfaction and loyalty.

real estate crm interface
real estate crm agent and client chat


RealConnect’s transformation from a traditional CRM to a Social CRM, with the partnership of QIT Software, showcases the potential of technology in reshaping real estate relationships and driving business growth. This case study highlights how innovation and strategic planning can revolutionize an industry and deliver tangible benefits to clients in the real estate sector. By embracing modern technologies, agile methodologies, and automation, RealConnect positioned itself as a trailblazer in the real estate technology landscape, setting a new standard for CRM solutions in the industry.

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