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ReactJS Software Development Cost: Slashing Project Prices

Oct 5, 2022 7 min read
"ReactJS Software Development Cost: Slashing Project Prices"

ReactJS is a JavaScript package that enables developers to create quick, rich interfaces. Since its creation in 2011, over a million applications have utilized the JS framework. The reasons vary, however, today, we’ll be diving into the ReactJS software development cost and how it can slash project prices.

How affordable is ReactJS software development

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Developers worldwide have quickly adapted to the usage of ReactJS. Evidently, this is because of usability, comprehensiveness, and demand. However, another reason we shouldn’t fail to mention is the cost of ReactJS software development.

The costs saved by ReactJS are astronomical. Although it depends on the end goal, most projects can save money through the framework with the following benefits:

Speed to market 

One benefit that reduces ReactJS software development cost is reducing project length (fewer hours = fewer hours paid).

That’s because it’s difficult for a business to create a mobile application for two distinct platforms since you have to write it in a special language and spend the same amount of time and money twice.

By allowing developers to compile their code for two separate platforms by just choosing one, ReactJS frees them from having to write their code from start to finish for each platform. By doing this, ReactJS typically saves significant development time that can be put to better use elsewhere.

However, the speed-to-market advantages don’t stop there. ReactJS’s Fast Refresh feature, which tends to expedite the app development process, enables you to test your application in real time. Any update to the apps CodeBase may be induced quicker and easier thanks to Fast Refresh.

It works by rolling out a single update within the application CodeBase. Therefore, you no longer need to refresh, test, and compile the entire application because ReactJS takes care of everything for you automatically. As a result, the framework updates the application to reflect changes made anytime you modify it. This will test your modifications in real time and, if necessary, repair any issues.


Reusability has been the top priority for developers. The primary reason is that it reduces the ReactJS software development cost, making their services more affordable by cutting down the development process.

Due to ReactJS’s cross-platform capabilities, developers may reuse and swap out components between the platforms (for instance, applications for Android and iOS). As a result, once you have created JavaScript code for your application on one platform, you can immediately compile and reuse it on another, thus cutting down on both the cost and duration of development.


Another reason it can lower ReactJS developer’s cost is when you’re ready to scale. Because of the modularity features, it allows you to scale whenever. For example, by creating a simple MVP, you can wait for consumer feedback and implement the changes afterward. With ReactJS, you can create a detailed single-page application for something as complex as Facebook. 


ReactJS has a sizable UI component library and also permits the usage of third-party libraries by developers. Enabling front-end creators to use the built-in components from the libraries decreases developers’ labor, effort, and time and, ultimately, lowers the ReactJS software development cost.

ReactJS software development: the statistics don’t lie…

reactjs development cost

As seen, there are various cost-saving advantages to ReactJS development. However, to gain a deeper understanding of these benefits, here are some statistics from reputable sources: 

Clearly, the benefits are true. Otherwise, top companies like ShopifySalesforce, and Indeed wouldn’t be using the JavaScript framework. 

Who uses ReactJS? 

Because of the average ReactJS developer’s cost, big players in some sectors utilize ReactJS. You’ll be surprised how many more there are. Here are some more brands that use the ReactJS framework for better visualization. 


uber app reactjs

Since its beginning, the Uber engineering team has utilized ReactJS functionalities. The team used it to create several open-source libraries. Additionally, the Uber team created the Base Web design system, which offers reusable UI components. It’s based on React and enables them to design user interfaces that work on any device.


netflix app reactjs

To ensure client pleasure, Netflix seeks to deliver a high-quality service. The team updated its appearance using a React UI in 2015. Its decision to use React was motivated by several variables, including modularity, runtime performance, and initial development speed.


airbnb app reactjs

On the front end of this well-known vacation rental platform, ReactJS is also utilized. It enables web page components to load on a screen fast and accurately. Having used React, Airbnb has been able to grow. Each new version adds useful features that are essential for updating and managing the massive peer-to-peer marketplace.

From this shortlist, you can start seeing ReactJS’s power. Although each brand uses React for its own reasons, many have suggested that they like the “reusability” feature of the framework. As we know, this element enables you to save time and hours on development. Therefore, making it a cheaper process and something that can help you get onto the market quicker. 

Angular, VueJS, and ReactJS development cost: hourly rates

When discussing cutting costs, you need to mention one crucial area; the costs themselves. To make this as accurate and worthwhile as possible, we’ll mention the average hourly rate for Angular, Vue.JS, and ReactJS developers.

The prices below are for freelancers. Prices can differ from employment rates or agencies. It’s unlikely you’ll find cheaper rates, but most definitely more expensive, depending on the overall experience of the developer.

Hourly costsAngularVueJSReactJS
Low (average)$10$10$26
Average (average)$34$27$29
High (average)$76$54$90

Sources: Upwork (Angular, Vue, React)

As seen, ReactJS has the highest low and high hourly costs. However, we must put into consideration the fewer hours spent developing applications. Hiring a developer that requires 10 hours to finish a job on the average VueJS price will cost you $270. However, with ReactJS, that same application might only take 7 to 8 hours, costing between $203 and $232.

Therefore, although ReactJS seems more expensive (regarding hourly rate), in the long run, it normally works out cheaper because of its unique features.

ReactJS development cost cracked

What makes ReactJS so excellent is the usage developers can receive from the platform. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a basic front-end job or full stack development; the framework can help.

However, as you can imagine, each job is paid at a different hourly rate. So, you’re able to gain a deeper understanding of the averagely hourly rates of developers in this sector, we’ve made the table below:

Type of React JS developerDescriptionsReactJS developr hourly rate
Basic front-endHTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics; experience with frameworks like React.js and Redux; and knowledge of React Native for mobile.$15 – $30 +
Advanced front-endIn addition to the fundamentals, they have expertise in the foundations and other front-end JavaScript frameworks like Angular and CSS pre-processors like LESS.$35 – $100 +
Basic back-endRESTful APIs, Lambda functions, Node.js, and Express – the basics of the back-end. $15 – $50 +
Advanced back-endAWS (Amazon Web Services) and back-end JavaScript frameworks like Meteor.js are two specializations beyond the foundations.$35 – $100 +
Full stack developerSkills in both front-end and back-end technologies. collaborating with MERN expertise (MongoDB, Express, React.js, Node.js)$30 – $150 +

When looking for ReactJS development cost, we must say the above prices are pretty accurate in 2022. Undoubtedly, depending on your budget, you can find these services cheaper or more expensive.

Remember, when searching for a developer offering this service, ensure they can complete the task required before ordering. Problems could arise if your project requires a ReactJS full stack developer, and you hire a basic front-end developer.

How can we help?

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