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Web3 Developer Salary in 2024 — QIT

May 4, 2023 9 min read
"Web3 Developer Salary in 2024 — QIT"

Web3 technologies are gaining popularity among programmers these days. Web3 in Europe and Web3 in the United States are currently extremely attractive to companies to hire and job seekers. The latter are naturally drawn to this IT area due to the continually growing salaries. This is seen by the increasing demand for Web3 expertise. However, a shift in recruitment trends is an unmistakable indicator of demand for specialists in any field. And the current trend is to employ Web3 developers. We will not change traditions and explore more about this area and the Web3 developer salary provided there now.

web3 developers salaries

Traditional Web2 and Web3 applications are different in many respects. Identity is no longer tied to any one platform thanks to the emerging Web3 trend, which connects the blockchain to your browser. It uses a decentralized blockchain-based technological stack to enable new commercial and social concepts. 

Similar to this, Web3 offers new web architecture and protocols that make it possible to build decentralized applications that let users contribute their data. Therefore, is it possible to create these decentralized applications without Web3 developers? Can the internet be decentralized without Web3 developers? You already know the answers to these questions.

Web3 developers can help with this. They are in charge of coding all of these dApps, making them accessible, and resolving any problems consumers may encounter.

Who Is Called a Web3 Developer?

Web3 developers are an interesting new set of developers that have lately arisen in the IT sector. They are essentially experienced web developers with a focus on blockchain applications. The principles of the Web3 tech stack provide the IT industry with a new and fascinating breadth. This group of developers is one-of-a-kind.

But, before we can truly understand Web3 developers, we must first understand Web3.

With Web3 Identity is no longer bound to a certain platform, but is instead bridged between the blockchain and your browser.

It uses a technological stack based on a decentralized blockchain to allow new tech business and social concepts. Web3, which also provides new web protocols and infrastructure, enables the development of decentralized apps that allow users to contribute their data.

So, can we build these decentralized applications without Web3 developers? Is it feasible to decentralize the internet without the help of Web3 developers? You must already know the answers to these questions. 

This is where Web3 developers take on a significant new role. They are in charge of developing all of the dApps growing up everywhere, making them available, and resolving any difficulties users may experience.

Developers and consumers can communicate with decentralized web systems like Ethereum, IPFS, or ZeroNet using Web3 open-source tools, which are software applications or libraries. Web3 Open Source Tools can help create, deploy, and manage smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps), and other Web3 functionalities.

What are the essential skills of a well-qualified Web3 developer?

Web3 developers differ from Web development specialists largely in the set of necessary abilities and knowledge they apply in their job. The most distinctive of these indicators are blockchain and cryptocurrency identification.

web3 developer skills

The following requirements are typically part of an outstanding web3 developer’s necessary stack, and they must make them feel at ease:

  • Degree in computer science;
  • Work experience with Solidity and Rust;
  • Programming languages like JavaScript and CSS;
  • P2P databases;
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge and development;
  • dApp with Ethereum development;
  • Blockchain development environment;
  • The version control system, Gitlab/Github;
  • File storage;
  • Test-driven development;
  • API, indexing, and queries;
  • Protocols;
  • Client, frameworks, and libraries;
  • Blockchain architecture for networks and protocols, TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, JSON RPC API;
  • Identity.

Also SQL databases like MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle facilitate straightforward and effective network connectivity. Thus, businesses large and small can use SQL to develop secure and effective business solutions. Additionally, the significance of the following soft skills cannot be underestimated:

  • Outstanding communication skills;
  • High analytical skills;
  • Determination;
  • Flexibility;

Passion for learning new things.

The technical-focused Web3 Application Development course can teach Application Developer programming skills necessary to develop Web3 apps.

Web3 Developers Are Highly Sought After

We already know that Web3 developers will play a crucial role in the emergence of Web3 as the future paradigm of the internet; as a result, they are highly sought after by hiring managers all over the world and earn high pay.

As you can see, Web3 developers don’t create and distribute computer programs that are hosted on a single server or keep data in a single central database. The majority of the time, a single cloud provider hosts and manages them.

web2 and web3

In Web3, there is no server side or client side. Rather, there is peer-to-peer file sharing, thanks to the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). Decentralized applications, or dApps, are developed and deployed by web3 developers on blockchain networks, a decentralized network made up of several peer-to-peer nodes, or a mix of the two.

There is a severe shortage of talent worldwide, despite the fact that more and more web2 engineers are switching to web3 roles and developer positions. Because of this, web3 developers continue to earn significantly more than typical full-stack development professionals.

Web3 engineers often make yearly wages between $70,000 to $350,000, which is much more than the worldwide average. Opportunities abound for Web2 developers looking to make the switch as businesses, startups, and venture capital companies pour money into Web3.

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You’re probably considering a job change or establishing one in Web3 if you’re reading this. Given the lack of Web3 developers and the high demand, that is not a bad idea.

Why are Web3 Developers Paid So Highly?

Web3 developers are widely known for earning impressive salaries. According to Web3 Developer jobs, the annual salary for a Web3 developer can reach $500,000. The highest pay range for certain remote Solidity Engineer roles is $750,000. So why are Web3 salaries so much higher than others?

Web3 is still a relatively new phenomenon, despite the job market ultimately adapting to the industry’s expectations. Demand currently clearly exceeds supply, particularly in the regions of the world where the major IT business capitals are situated (the USA, and Western Europe).

There aren’t enough knowledgeable Web3 programmers as a result. In addition, demand is only growing even if there are a rising number of developers.

According to research by Electric Capital, there are an estimated 500,000 Web3 developers active globally, and 18,000+ of them work actively each month. So why should you join this team of experts? Although there are a staggering 500,000 Web3 developers, this market is still far from being fully developed.

It may be time to consider diving into Web3 if you want to advance blockchain technology in both financial and technological terms. Additionally, the Web3 sector of the economy is still growing. Therefore, starting your Web3 software developer career now could set you up for a career path that will change your life.

It becomes clear why industry experts believe that smart contracts will eventually replace a significant portion of all apps as dApps become the new standard and as more startups get involved in the emerging space when you consider that Web3 is an entirely new industry with entirely new opportunities and standards, such as specific coding languages (Ruby, Rust, object-oriented programming language Solidity, etc.), databases (), technical skills, and goals.

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When you are able to predict changes in the financial and technical landscape, you get an edge in your job and society.

In addition, the Web3 industry is continually developing. Making the initial move as a Web3 developer at this early level might set you up for a life-altering professional path.

Four Main Categories of Web3 Developers 

The Web3 specialists may be divided approximately into four large groups:

Core Blockchain Developers

These specialists create and manage the architecture of the blockchain platforms. They design patterns, also security patterns, develop protocols, and manage the entire network. With a strong foundation in backend and computer-science, they construct blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon.

Full-Stack Web3 Developers

The range of work for these developers comprises full-stack Web3 development, including Web3 front and back ends development. Full-stack Web3 Devs may build dApps’ front-end and smart contracts while ensuring flawless user-interface and user-experience. 

Blockchain or Smart Contract Developers

They work with smart contracts and program them to run on different blockchain platforms.

Frontend Web3 Developers

They create the components of a website or application that users can view and interact with, such as user-facing elements. Additionally, they take backend data and transform it so that the average user can fully utilize, comprehend, and enjoy the visual appeal and functionality.

Web3 Developer Salary Depending On the Role


Programmers are proficient coders who are authorities in a given industry, whether it be Front-end development, Backend development, blockchain, or cloud. To finish a project, you’ll probably require a range of programmers, each of whom would concentrate on a particular task.

Full-stack Web3 Developer

Full stack developer is someone who is skilled in all facets of software development. They can work as Front end developer or Back end developer and are DevOps, designers, troubleshooters, and architects. The easiest way to describe them is as multitaskers.

The top web3 specialists may be categorized as follows based on their average salaries:

Core Blockchain developers 

  • Average salary: $170,000
  • Front-end web3 developers
  • Average salary: $74,000

Blockchain developers or Smart contract developers

  • Average salary: $85,000
  • Full-stack web3 developers
  • Average salary: $100,000‍

Web 3.0 Developer Salary Depending On the Country 


Employer countries like Germany and the United Kingdom and outsourcer countries like Croatia and Poland might be used to conditionally divide Europe.

A senior blockchain specialist in the UK costs $120,000, which is the same as the cost in the US for performance comparison. A developer in Germany may be recruited for the same amount.

Web3 programmers in Croatia may be obtained for just $96,000 and have the same knowledge and skills. In the Czech Republic, it costs $101,000, which is somewhat higher. Ukraine offers the same costs.

United States

The US market for IT services has the highest level of competition. Due to the abundance of high-tech start-ups and organizations, the majority of brilliant developers are already engaged in substantial projects, which explains why it might be challenging to find a free experienced programmer.

How much money does a Web 3.0 Dev make in America? A senior blockchain specialist in the USA is qualified for a payment of $120,000 per year with 4-6 years of experience. However, in some locations, the figures can reach $150.000.

To Conclude

The world of today is constantly changing. Additionally, all other areas of life are changing slower than business, which is a necessary component of it. You must stay up with rapidly evolving new web technologies if you want to be better, more successful, and ahead of the competition. 

Web3 is still in its infancy, but the rise of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, decentralized finance, and other technologies demonstrate the tantalizing promise of this fascinating new paradigm.

Blockchain or Web3 developers appear to be among the fastest. A job in Web3 also seems quite alluring. The average pay for Web3 developers speaks volumes about this. Additionally, Web3 positions are among the most sought-after, and they close the fastest.

The fact that the best organizations in the field are paying their top people prices between $250,000 and $500,000 is alone conclusive evidence of the growing demand for Web3 skill-set.