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What is Nearshore Outsourcing? Definition & Key Benefits — QIT

Apr 24, 2023 11 min read
"What is Nearshore Outsourcing? Definition

Can you afford to keep your software engineers in your country, regardless of industry? If not, you should seriously consider outsourcing your software development. Attracting specialists, saving money and time, and lowering tax costs are not the primary benefits of outsourcing. In recent years, transferring a portion of a company’s development or management services to a nearshore outsourcing company has risen in popularity. Let’s imagine. You may be wondering why so many countries seek IT services from other countries. Is that right? Furthermore, some businesses choose to engage IT professionals from other countries. Why? The solution is self-evident. Every company wants to obtain low-cost, high-quality services. The issue is that such services are not always available in the home nation of a corporation. As a result, the only way to obtain essential expertise is to employ outside experts. This article will tell you what is nearshore outsourcing, its benefits, and how to master it. Let’s begin by learning about several types of outsourcing strategies and why nearshoring is the best option.

What is nearshore outsourcing?

When an organization hires employees from a neighboring nation to fulfill services, this is referred to as nearshore outsourcing.

Cost savings, cultural alignment, geographical closeness, and a comparable time zone are some of the benefits of nearshore outsourcing. For example, while retaining operations in your home country is sometimes too expensive, nearshore sites may provide excellent long-term outsourcing destinations.

While there is a common misconception that nearshore outsourcing may not deliver the same degree of customer service or capacity to grow as an onshore outsourced staff, these concerns can be alleviated with high-quality training and tailored customer experience technologies.

Similarly, when deciding between offshore and nearshore services, nearshoring is an excellent approach to getting a toe in the water. Working with outsourcing partners who have operations in adjacent nations, for example, can help your organization save money while also determining operational efficiency and customer happiness. This might assist you to determine your brand’s performance and if further expansion (through nearshore or offshore outsourcing) is a good match.

Similarly, when deciding between offshore and nearshore services, nearshoring is an excellent way to dip your toe into the offshore seas. Working with outsourcing partners who have operations in nearby countries, for example, can help your organization save money while also determining operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This might assist you in determining success and if more expansion (through nearshore or offshore outsourcing) is a suitable match for your brand.

Nearshore vs Onshore vs Offshore: Are you sure you know the difference between them?

All of them have advantages and disadvantages. It is also critical to determine which type of IT outsourcing is ideal for the company you work for. Let us clarify what they are right now:

That is the enticement of software development. You don’t need an in-house staff unless you wish to. Instead, you may hunt for your perfect specialized workforce in both nearby and distant outsourcing countries.

Outsourcing software development can be done at any time and in any location! Whether you are searching for nearshore, offshore, or onshore, you must first assess the benefits of each.

What Are the Nearshoring Advantages?

Although the benefits and drawbacks of nearshore outsourcing are hotly debated subjects, this article focuses on its advantages.

Time-zone differences are minimized (or eliminated)

Partnering companies in nearshore outsourcing are often located in the same or a nearby timezone. This increases the amount of time you have available for effective communication throughout the workday.

One of the significant benefits of nearshore outsourcing is that a 1-hour time difference provides a 7-hour window for pleasant conversation. This makes it easy to resolve any issues at their source without slowing down the procedures.

Similarities in Culture and Language

Similar languages and cultures play vital roles in the nearshore software development process, simplifying and speeding up operations.

Suppose that you and your nearshore outsourcing supplier both speak the same language. Even if you both have outstanding English skills, your communication process may be speedier and more straightforward in this instance.

Similar cultures will most likely intend the same bank holidays and the absence of circumstances in which your project is delayed for a partner’s holiday, and then for yours one week later.

Geographical proximity

One of the most noticeable advantages of nearshore outsourcing is that you only need a few hours on a plane to see your staff.

If a project requires personal meetings during its lifecycle, your or your project manager’s travel expenditures will be significantly cheaper than in the case of offshore development.

Direct planes often span the gaps between major growth centers and nearshore markets. It may also imply traveling directly to and from a conference that does not necessitate a hotel overnight in some situations.

Savings on expenses

What are the benefits of nearshore outsourcing? Nearshoring’s key advantage, according to every business owner who has used it, is cost reduction.

When compared to offshore, almost immediate communication saves a significant amount of money. However, in the second situation, the developers may waste paid time waiting for your answer, task management, research, or working incorrectly and then repeating the job after finding an issue.

Traveling to neighboring countries quickly and easily will also save money on airline tickets. There are most likely several competing transportation firms with inexpensive ticket prices.

Compensation for shortages of employees

In the event of staff shortage, nearshore software development businesses are the ideal solution. Such software engineers are accustomed to project-based work and are adaptable enough to jump into a new project while maintaining all quality requirements.

Because of the mentioned cultural and language similarities, the development process will be inherently faster and easier with nearshore outsourcing.

Improving company productivity through load distribution to nearshore outsourcing companies

Is your organization working on a huge software project? If so, the benefits of nearshore outsourcing can help you.


Simply outsource different essential elements of the project to a nearshore software development company and rearrange your core workforce for primary activities.

These contracted teams will function as sub-teams of your larger project, making your development process more flexible.

How Can You Discover the Best Nearshore Software Development Team?

The procedures outlined below should assist you in identifying the ideal nearshore development partner.

Make a project scope

While development service providers perform the heavy work by obtaining development expertise, it is usually the clients that know the most about their business. Thus, before you engage on your nearshore development adventure, create your Project Scope – a document that will keep you on track throughout the project.

The heart of your software development project and the first step in your search for nearshore development services is your Project Scope. This document will help you understand the technology you will utilize, the talents you will need to bring in through nearshoring, as well as your budget, timeframes, and how you will assess your success. In addition to assisting you in finding suitable professionals, your Project Scope minimizes uncertainty and provides predictable results. As a result, it is worthwhile to devote your time to it.

Select a location

When selecting a hosting country for your nearshore development initiatives, consider the following factors:

Talent availability. Nearshore software development services not only save firms money but also provide them access to a more diversified pool of talent than they could have locally. Countries with hundreds of thousands of engineers can provide you with a wider range of options and even greater growth opportunities since competition leads to higher competency levels. For example, Ukraine has roughly 200K software engineers on the market, so nearshoring software development services here might bring hundreds of qualified applicants your way.

Developer rates. Nearshore development services often excel at reducing the high costs of onshore development since you may select an area where developer rates meet your budget. For example, Eastern Europe, one of the trendiest nearshoring sites, provides attractive developer rates ranging from $50 to $55 per hour of labor for a senior engineer, including service costs.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a nearshore software development partner is industry/tech knowledge. Many engineers get experience by working with ambitious organizations and startups, which strengthens their abilities and domain expertise, allowing them to provide high-quality nearshore development services. Given the number of local startups and enterprises established in the nation, Ukrainian engineers, for example, have a great domain experience in Fintech, Healthcare, and Edtech. Indeed, Clutch estimates that 300+ organizations can assist you with financial software development, as well as 100+ eCommerce and 150+ Edtech firms, all of which contribute to the subject experience of local engineers.

Generate a list of potential companies

The most difficult step will most likely be sifting through the organizations that offer nearshore development services and selecting those that might potentially become your partners. Here are some signs of a reputable nearshoring development provider that may be useful at this stage:

  • A contemporary webpage;
  • Client endorsements and success stories;
  • A careers section featuring freshly listed job openings;
  • A blog with recent posts;
  • Information about the company’s offices, phone numbers, and addresses;
  • Presence on social media;
  • A company’s video.

When selecting a provider, pay attention to the values that the organization conveys and select those whose values connect with you the most.

Verify the companies you’ve picked

At this point, you can identify companies that you believe are trustworthy enough to partner with. Narrow down your selection by analyzing and contrasting their portfolios, specifically the sorts of companies they worked with, as well as their size (startups, mid-size, or enterprise) and domain. This allows you to select the most appropriate nearshore development supplier. Then you may focus on the nearshore software development approach they offer, which includes the following:

  • Adding missing talents to your current team;
  • Starting a nearshore development team from scratch;
  • Turn-key support carried out using the company’s resources.

Depending on the model, you may choose the correct type of supplier who will give the service following your company’s requirements.

Contact your preferred provider(s)

Schedule an introductory call with the providers after you’ve confirmed them. At this stage, it’s critical to pay attention to communication quality and recognize red signals. If you believe the supplier takes too long to answer, ignores your business needs, or attempts to persuade you to disregard features that are critical to your project, it’s preferable to separate ways right once. Your conversation should ideally be directed by a personal account manager on the provider’s side who is constantly available to you.

Take part in all aspects of the process

It is in both the client’s and the provider’s best interests to form a team that will last in the long run. A sustainable nearshore development team requires the collaboration of two parties. With that in mind, it’s vital to go over your developer and project requirements as thoroughly as possible. The measures skilled nearshore software development service providers use to customize a team creation process are as follows:

  • Discovery. Going through the project scope with the customer and the applicant profile description;
  • Recruiting new employees. On the provider’s side, human resources managers conduct applicant searches depending on the specifications;
  • Internal audit. Suitable applicants are subjected to technical and human resources interviews, as well as an English proficiency exam;
  • Client review. Shortlisted applicants are referred to clients for interviews.

Only the greatest suppliers of nearshore development services will go through all of these procedures, ensuring that their clients work with the personnel they have hand-picked.

The security of collaboration should always be emphasized by the supplier of nearshore software development services. This includes Service-Level Agreements with clauses that protect your Intellectual Property while also defining the parameters of scaling up and down, timeframes, termination circumstances, and other key features. You can go through the contract with your legal department and make changes if necessary.

The bottom line is that the provider of nearshore development services should go far and wide to ensure the safety and security of your collaboration.

To Conclude

  • Nearshoring is a type of outsourcing that takes place in a country close enough to the buyer’s location.
  • The greatest advantage of nearshore outsourcing is its low cost. It gives you access to highly trained labor at a reasonable cost.
  • The main disadvantage of nearshore outsourcing is that there aren’t as many possibilities as there are in other parts of the world.

Nearshore outsourcing is ideal for individuals who are unable to find certain professionals in their own country, do not want to maintain a team, or are just apprehensive about offshore outsourcing due to numerous risks. They usually entail time zone problems caused by language barriers and cultural differences.

Hiring a nearshore outsourcing company can benefit you, but only under one condition. Before employing external talents to enhance your in-house team, weigh all benefits and drawbacks and undertake comprehensive research.

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